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Bullish Currency For Amazing Passive Income

What Is Bullish Currency?

Bullish Currency is a community of Professional traders helping regular people become wealthy with multiple income streams while learning lifetime beneficial skills. Whether you are new or experienced to foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, or other passive income strategies all members can benefit from this community.

Bruce Neil is the Founder and Creator of Bullish Currency Community. He is devoted to helping everyone who joins to be successful in their ventures to become wealthy entrepreneurs. Offering new innovating upgrades and services to this community on a regular basis. After you become a member you will automatically get a free one on one with Bruce to go over your goals and to answer any question or concerns you may have.

What Does Bullish Currency Offer?

9-28-2022 UPDATE:

NEW WEBSITE IS COMING AND THERE ARE MORE NEW OPTIONS FOR COPIERS!! Some prices have changed as well but have only been made to a lower and even better cost for you. I will update more as our group grows on this page with the Introduction to Bullish Currency Video here. I have also included the current link to Join next to the video.

Plans and Pricing
Bullish Currency – PLANS AND PRICING

Weekly Access gives you everything you need to get started even if you are a beginner or an advanced trader. As a member you can invite others to join, It is an invite only group, so you will then need to email me at shaun@quitting925.com to get access to the Discord platform. This is where all the magic happens. Discord is free to download and easy to setup for alerts on your mobile or desktop devices. The link I will give you in the email will allow you to purchase everything above.

Once you are on Discord visit the menu on the left sidebar to find the Fast Setup getting started guide with videos and information. Everything to help you setup and prepare yourself to trade. Over 20 very informative videos available to answer all the questions you may have, I highly recommend watching them all. I had to watch a few multiple times to really understand because it is a lot of information to take in.

Live Dow Jones – Forex Signals – Crypto Signals

You will get real-time trading signals everyday that the markets are open. Every morning at 8am Eastern time Bruce announces US30 or commonly known as the Dow Jones, live signals to buy or sell using risk management lot size, entry price, stop loss, and take profits. Occasionally there will also be given Gold, Crypto Bitcoin, Etherium, and XRP(Ripple) signals.

Another professional trader, Curtis, will give signals for forex pairs as well. Both Bruce and Curtis provide Zoom calls multiple times a week to go over the market forecast, up and coming trades, as well as live trades during the call. Pam teaches Crypto Analysis on Zoom calls and gives signals and forecasts as well.

Josmarie provides Zoom calls to show you how to discover new Crypto Presale coins. She will list her best potential Gems that haven’t even been placed for sale just yet. She has a knack at finding presale crypto coins that can make 50-500%+ gains within just minutes, hours, or days of being put on the public platforms to buy. Get in early with presales to possibly make quick amazing profits!

Check out the schedule pictured below to see when these Zoom calls happen. Be sure to get your notepad out for these calls as they can be very educational.

Bullish Currency Schedule
Bullish Currency Community Weekly Schedule

Bag Snatcher 2.0 and Money Trend Bot

The Bag Snatcher 2.0 is a special indicator made exclusively by Bruce that works with Tradingview to use for Options Trading on brokers like Pocketoptions or Raceoptions(no longer available). However, this indicator is so awesome you can use it on higher time frames like 1hour and daily for swing trades too! You can set alerts for whatever pair you want to use it on in Tradingview so you can receive a popup, sound alert, or text sms on your phone. The Bag Snatcher 2.0 indicator is truly a game changer! Comes free if you are a weekly member. Check out the video below to see how it works.

The Money Trend bot is no less of a game changer when it comes to fully automating your trades. This is the newest addition to Bullish Currency, so new I haven’t even had a chance to try it out yet! Here are some screenshots below on some small accounts members have posted in Discord to show how well it has been performing. Click each image to see the profits made…

New Super Cool Magic Entries Indicator and Strategy

Check out this amazing new strategy with the Magic Entries Indicator. As with several other indicators this one is also free for all paid members. See how simple and effective this strategy is in the video below. It will blow your mind and not your account!

Magic Entries Indicator in Action!

The Bullish Currency Community Affiliate Program

Do you know anyone that also wants to learn a lifetime skillset to having multiple streams of income? Bullish Currency offers an Affiliate Program for you. Get just four people signed up for the weekly access and your membership is now paid for! If they signup for any of the other packages this could potentially make you another nice passive income.

Bullish Currency Affiliate Program

Of course this is totally optional but it’s a great addition if you have friends or family that are interested. If someone you signed up has anyone else signup under them you will increase your earnings. This tier structure goes 6 levels deep! This can add up real fast if you are good at sharing or promoting this program.

Bullish Currency In Conclusion:

As a member for nearly 5 months, at the time of writing this review, all I can say is I am truly grateful to be a part of this community. I have learned so much while having a ton of fun doing so. My hats off to Bruce for creating such an amazing group! I have joined countless other forex signals groups and tried multiple trading bots with little to no progress.

Although this may not be for everyone as it does take a certain level of discipline and an understanding of risk management. I do believe with the right mindset and goals almost anyone can do this and be successful. If you think you have what it takes to learn how to trade I highly recommend you join today! It’s only $25 per week, cancel anytime, and if you don’t like what you see I will seriously be surprised. Just email me shaun@quitting925.com for more info or watch this video and JOIN HERE. I will reply within 24 hours or less.

25 thoughts on “Bullish Currency For Amazing Passive Income

  1. I have been researching investment opportunities for months and finally decided to invest in Bullish Currency. I was hesitant at first, but after reading the testimonials from a few other members, I finally decided to become a member and start trading. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to make some extra passive income. It’s super effortless! This course provides everything needed to know about the cryptocurrency markets, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and much more. You will learn the skills you need to successfully trade these lucrative markets.

  2. Thank you so much for this review over Bullish Currency Community.  This is very interesting, and I personally have not been part of something like this.  I do like that it has Live Dow and Crypto Signals, as that is where I invest my money most.  I’m assuming the predictions are usually good for you to be a member for five months, right? haha

    1. Yes, there are excellent signals from Bruce every morning. Mostly the Dow(US30) and sometimes Gold. Pam and Josmarie do crypto on a regular basis as well. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your review on Bullish Currency. I have joined several signal groups, but none have stuck with me. I have kinda had mixed experiences with them. However, after reading your post, I am excited about Bullish Currency. It could be a game-changer for me. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Paolo, I have learned a ton with this high energy positive vibe group of traders. I’ve tried other big name programs or groups but I found my home here without all the fluff or complicated strategy/courses… Game changer for me as well! Cheers!

  4. I love being part of a community, especially one where individuals can come together on a set of ideas, in this case creating multiple streams of income.

    This is definitely something id be a part of!

    I’ve been part of other communities on discord and telegram and received forex signals. How does your system work for the forex and crypto side of things?

    I will share this article with my business partners! This is interesting! 

    1. Hey Lorenz, Yes we have forex trades everyday the Market is open. Also some Gold and Silver signals sometimes. Crypto I’d say is 3-4 times a week on average for Bitcoin, Etherium and sometimes Ripple or XRP. Also cypto gems as they are launched for quick presale entries before they pump, all researched for you. Everyone in our group is good energy and helpful when you have questions. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the fact that you can get one-on-one. I  am one of those people not happy with what I am getting at work. if you look at my payslip it is a crying shame. It is time that people know that trading is not some guesswork but something almost like a science. I  think the prices are justified. One no one really is a first for me. 

    1. Hi Dominic, This definitely helps. You might not get rich from this right away but if your smart and persistent… Eventually you could quit your day job. The beauty about trading is you can do it anywhere there internet on your cell phone even. Trading is a science you are right, but once you know a basic strategy it’s all you need with proper risk-management. Yes the price is great! What you can learn while implementing here at Bullish Currency is a drop in the bucket compared to others. Cheers!

  6. So many of these types of companies offer the opportunity to make money online with an initial investment and say they have good intentions about helping people to succeed. I have lost money by joining systems that said I would prosper but I ended up losing my investment. I feel that this might be an awesome way to earn passive income but what encouragement could you provide so that I can overcome my fears of losing even more money? I must get past the fact that I have tried twice but lost everything.

    1. I totally understand where you are coming from because I did the same things. We are just a small group with Bruce and several other professional traders. Of course there are no guarantees investing in just about anything but with the proper risk-management and guidance that is taught here with us you at least have a good chance in my opinion. Personally I am in for the long hall. Meaning I may not get rich super quick but I will have a life long skill that I can do from pretty much anywhere in the world and make a good income. It’s not going to cost me as like a college education would either. Another benefit is you can practice with demo accounts to learn before using real money. Cheers!

  7. Being a finance major, you probably would think that I would understand stocks and trading a little better.  It has always been a little confusing to me knowing when to buy, sell, and trade.  I own some stocks but I have elected someone to do the bidding for me if you will.  I am currently with E*TRADE. All I have done pretty much is set up the account, made my selection, made deposits, and left it to the experts.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow a lot of knowledge and wisdom.  Love the site and what you have achieved.  Love the name of the site that really resonates with me – awesome.  Love that you have created a real authority site here where people can learn about all areas of building a business and finding their centre.  You have obviously found yours, well done and keep up the great work. 

  9. As an investor looking at options to explore, I have not come across Bullish Currency before. But I am super confused with what one actually gets with Bullish Currency. Does it provide any training in trading? Is it only about currencies, or also stocks and share? 

    You mention in your pricing for Bullish Currency, there will be an update. So what is the actual cost on a monthly basis?

  10. Thank you for this super interesting article on Bullish Currency. Forex exchange and cryptocurrency trading were make money topics that popped up in my feed once in a while. Since I spend a lot of time in other industries like real estate and Internet businesses, I often skip past trading as a passive income option. But after reading your article, I’m wondering if trading could be a new income stream for me. For a total newbie like me, what would you say is the time commitment needed to get up and be successful?

  11. Great post; thank you for letting us know about this community. Many groups can help you reach your goals, and finding the right one might take time, but it’s worth it in the end. Risk management is critical, and anyone can achieve their goals with the right mindset. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day. Regards. Vlad

  12. I have been considering for some time now to start investing in something, I just don’t know how and I am a total beginner. Having a community for beginners sounds very interesting. Although I was thinking about just buying gold or silver as an investment, I might want to dive into cryptocurrency after all. Is is hard to learn as a total noobie? thanks

  13. Hey thanks for providing us and giving us knowledge about this potentially passive income making platform. I know many would be on the look out for such sites, because who doesn’t want to work from home!

    I’m going to check this site out, I mean the prices look like they’re set at a reasonable price. The results look promising too!

  14. Trading can become stressful when you have to do it all alone. But with a community that is ready and geared towards helping each other, I am sure one will find it easy. Thank you for pointing out this community of help. Top of it is the Bullish community affiliate program; it excited me. I will like to give it a try too

  15. Bullish Currency seems to be a legit opportunity. if you must learn how to trade forex or cryptocurrency, that would be a nice choice. Personally, I had studied finance and I already have a cryptocurrency portfolio, though it’s not a huge one. Do you think that it would still be useful for me to subscribe to their group? Thanks!

  16. Wow, this is the first time that I have heard of this method to make money, it is so good to know that there is a lot of networking to help the other person reach their goal of financial independence. I have a question however is this program just for a certain group of countries or is this worldwide? can anyone invest in this program?

  17. As a forex trader, having a working strategy with a clear entry and exit points is a dream come true. I personally use a supply and demand trading strategy, with which I have developed an add-on that tell me when to get in and get out of the trade. Yes, when the bulls are tired and the bears are ready to take over the market for a buy trade and reverser. 

    That said, I’ll definitely try this bag snatcher 2.0 and the Money Trend Bot. If you can get an opportunity to automate your trades with a clear trading strategy, then that is genius, which is what the two does. Thank you for this, comes really in handy.

  18. You have a very informative website for entrepreneurs and financial risk takers  Although I am slow down as I approach 80, I recently completed two master level courses from the University of Nicosia in Cryptocurrencies and DeFi. At present I am restructuring my YouTube Channel and five WebSites thru Affiliate Marketing, but in the near future will dive into some of your offerings. 

    Roger Humbke at Affiliate Marketing

  19. I am an investor in the Philippine Stock Market and due to the increased US Fed hikes, the market has been for almost 6 months now. I have sold some of the stocks I own and planning to diversify by putting some of my proceeds into another investment vehicle. My friends are actively involved in binary trading but I am not sure this is the path that I want to take.

    Searching online for other possible investments to give me passive income, I came across Bullish Currency by Bruce Neil. I think it’s neat that they offer an affiliate program. Also, $25 per week is not bad. I am willing to learn and ready to succeed. I am just not sure if this is open for those outside the US.

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