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LiveGood Review of Company and Products

Today, the market is brimming with health and wellness products as fitness turns into a lifestyle for many. 

In fact, with a valuation of USD 4,184.25 billion in 2022, the market for such products may reach a whopping USD 6,072.20 billion by 2030. As such, you can expect a growth of 4.8% CAGR from 2023 to 2030.

Clearly, collaborating with a company that revolves around nutritional products sounds like a foolproof way to earn some big bucks. And that’s where this LiveGood review enters the scene. 

Launched at the end of 2022, Livegood is already one of the fastest-growing MLM companies in the world. But is this company legit or a multi-level marketing scam?

Hey there! I’m Shaun Bradley, an entrepreneur by day and a nerd about health and fitness by night. Today, I’ll be reviewing LiveGood, exploring its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. 

So, join me, and let’s find out if LiveGood is the key to unlocking your dreams of self-employment and financial freedom!

A Quick Understanding and Guide to LiveGood Review

LiveGood Opportunity

Due to the lack of nutrition and physical activity in our daily schedule, our health continues to deteriorate. Even more concerning is the trend of resorting to medications for symptom relief rather than preventive supplements.

To stop this unhealthy pattern, LiveGood presents nutritional supplements using pure and high-quality ingredients at highly competitive prices. 

Plus, it offers a unique business opportunity centered on physical nutrition products, unlike most MLM (multi-level marketing) companies focusing on digital products. The brand is all about promoting memberships that offer health products at affordable prices.

And while I’m not too picky about brands, LiveGood’s process is a refreshing deviation from the typical approach of pushing product sales onto affiliates.

LiveGood Compensation Plan

What makes this LiveGood review popular is its compensation plan, enabling affiliates to enjoy commissions not only from their sales but also from those of their downline. It encourages a collaborative mindset, focusing on digital marketing, building connections, and generating web traffic to achieve success.

In marketing, as personalized sales funnels continue to emerge as a pivotal tool, LiveGood introduces the very concept to its members in a simple and seamless manner. These funnels include elements like presale videos and lead capture pages, guiding the traffic to the official website. 

Overall, these tailored sales funnels are crucial in building the brand, overcoming resistance, and forging positive relationships with potential members.

LiveGood Review on Products

LiveGood Products

Although this review focuses on LiveGood as an MLM or network marketing company, I wanted to check out their products to understand how they connect to their target audience. And to say I’m pleasantly surprised is an understatement! 

Network marketing companies typically increase product prices within a multi-tiered compensation plan to accommodate distributor commissions. But thankfully, LiveGood review offers an affordable range of products, as listed below-

  • Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamin for Men (Member Price: $9.95, Retail Price: $14.95)
  • Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamin for Women with Iron (Member Price: $9.95, Retail Price: $14.95)
  • Complete Plant-Based Protein (Member Price: $22.00, Retail Price: $29.95)
  • Organic Coffee (Member Price: $17.95, Retail Price: $24.95)
  • CBD Oil (Member Price: $14.95, Retail Price: $19.95)
  • CBD Oil for Pets (Member Price: $14.00, Retail Price: $19.95)
  • Collagen Peptides (Member Price: $27.95, Retail Price: $34.95)
  • Sleep Patches (Member Price: $14.95, Retail Price: $19.95)
  • Methylene Blue Nootropic (Member Price: $12.95, Retail Price: $19.95)

You can check the complete product catalog on their website. In terms of product quality, pricing, and origin (all made in the USA), the brand does take the crown. 

If you’re wondering where my confidence in the brand comes from – well, being a fitness enthusiast and a 45-year-old fellow, I’m no stranger to health supplements. And after trying out LiveGood products for only a few months, I can assure you of the brand’s quality, safety, and legitimacy. 

How To Earn with LiveGood

LiveGood Affiliate Program

Broadly, LiveGood provides two ways for you to generate income. The first method involves selling their products to retail customers, while the second is about sponsoring new individuals into the company who, in turn, sell products to retail customers.

LiveGood Review Affiliate Program

The LiveGood affiliate program empowers individuals to act as independent marketers, promoting products and memberships, thereby expanding the company’s reach. As such, it is an excellent employment opportunity for remote workers.

LiveGood Review Compensation Plan

Now, let’s dive into the Compensation Plan of LiveGood, a Matrix-style model common in network marketing. 

When you sell to actual retail customers, LiveGood compensates you by paying the difference between retail and wholesale prices. Simultaneously, when you bring new people into the company who also sell products to retail customers, you stand to earn commissions.

So, commissions are earned as positions are filled, creating an incentive for teamwork and growth. As a result, skilled affiliates can attain substantial income streams by proactively enlarging their network and cultivating connections within the LiveGood community.

While researching, I even stumbled upon a video of the company’s founder, Ben Glinsky, explaining the compensation plan in detail. Although the video is quite informative, remember to take it with a grain of salt because, at the end of the day, he is trying to sell you something!

LiveGood Compensation Plan Explained

Other Types of Commissions on LiveGood

1. Weekly Fast Start Commissions 

When you introduce a new LiveGood affiliate at the cost of $49.95, you’ll be rewarded with a commission of $25. Moreover, if they go on to refer others, you’ll acquire additional commissions that can extend up to 10 levels deep.

2. Diamond Bonus Pool

Upon reaching the Diamond rank, you’ll participate in sharing 2% of the total company sales on a monthly basis. Although LiveGood does not publicize its corporate profits, even a modest percentage like 2% has the potential to translate into substantial earnings, possibly amounting to thousands of dollars.

3. Influencer Bonuses

Influencers with a substantial following can potentially earn up to 100% of the difference between member and retail prices, depending on their monthly sales.

4. Retail Commissions

When you sell a product to a referral, you’ll receive half the difference between the retail price and the member price. 

5. Matching Bonuses

Matching bonuses add an extra layer of rewards. 

First, you can match 50% of the matrix commissions generated by those you enroll. On top of that, you can earn a percentage of the earnings from individuals within their downline up to five levels deep. 

LiveGood Matrix Commissions

Cost Of Becoming a LiveGood Member

Joining LiveGood grants you access to exclusive wholesale pricing on the complete product range. 

That brings us to the process- how do you even become a member? Well, it’s quite simple and straightforward. You can either choose a monthly membership at $9.95 or annual membership at $99.95, entailing a 20% discount in addition to substantial product savings. 

And you can do so just like buying any other product on their website – choose the suitable membership plan, add to cart, and checkout. Easy peasy! 

Just the purchase of a single product each month covers your entire monthly membership cost. Plus, there is no cap on the number of products you purchase or the amount you can save. Not to forget, you can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked!

Cost Of Becoming an Affiliate Member at LiveGood

Join LiveGood Affiliate Program

Well, this is where things take a turn. The features of the affiliate program are all fun and games until you have to pay for it.

Now, you may think – Why, Shaun? Did you not expect to pay to become an affiliate at LiveGood?

Of course, I did. But what I didn’t expect is to pay $40 to sign up with little to no idea of what to expect! I did go ahead and become an affiliate, though, for the sake of this review, and here are my two cents…

Initially, finding a link to apply isn’t as simple as one might think. It’s not glaringly apparent – you need to scroll all the way down to the end of the page to find a discreet link labeled “Affiliate Compensation Plan.”

Clicking the link will open another page where you can find some details about the employment opportunity and, eventually, a green button to apply.

Once you do, they’ll promptly ask you to fork over a $40 affiliate signup fee. Again, it may not have been a problem had they explained exactly what the fee covers.

In my experience, the majority of MLM companies offer some basic training materials to help you get started in promoting their products and services. So, LiveGood could certainly benefit from being more transparent about this charge.

It’s a bit like gambling and hoping you win big, so I’d strongly recommend taking a close look at the terms of service. Or maybe try reaching out to the company for clarification before putting any money into the program. 

I mean, not everyone has to write a review on LiveGood – I’ve already taken one for the team!

Is Becoming a LiveGood Affiliate Worth It?

Firstly, I must say that I was impressed by how LiveGood’s team operates. The leaders/managers are knowledgeable and well-versed in their respective fields, and the company’s future seems to be very promising.

Secondly, the product quality is impressive, and their pricing is quite competitive for a network marketing company, which is rare these days. It’s not every day that you come across a business that strikes this balance. 

What’s also encouraging is that their compensation plan seems to place a strong emphasis on retail sales. This focus on selling to actual customers heals steer clear of the dreaded “pyramid scheme” label.

But in all honesty, many affiliates make more money each month from the compensation program than they shell out for the products they buy. Even I tried the affiliate program and gathered some tidbits from former members, who agreed that your marketing skills must be top-notch to thrive at LiveGood. I wouldn’t let this discourage you though.

Yes, it’s not an ideal situation, but it’s a common occurrence in the MLM world.

Typically, you’ll need a medium-large audience, as most people aren’t readily inclined to dive into any business venture on a mere invitation. As such, it can be quite an uphill battle for newcomers who may not have a large social media following or an extensive network.

So, my advice, based on my journey and experiences, is to carefully weigh the pros and cons and identify your skills. Ask yourself if you’re truly ready to take on this challenge. 

It’s essential to understand what you’re getting into before diving headfirst because LiveGood will not be spoon-feeding you this information!

LiveGood Pros 

  • Competent and qualified management team
  • No mandatory monthly product purchase requirements
  • Offers high-quality health products at competitive wholesale prices
  • Fast shipping for customers within the United States
  • Accessible monthly fee of $9.95
  • Affordable $40 one-time affiliate membership fee
  • Product prices are not artificially inflated for compensation payouts
  • Generous 90-day “empty bottle” money-back guarantee

LiveGood Cons

  • Limited product range and training resources
  • Compensation plan is not as profitable for beginners 

Final Verdict

Clearly, LiveGood reviews aren’t your run-of-the-mill network marketing venture type MLM. I see some huge potential coming in for 2024 as fast as they have grown in this past year.

The spotlight here is on physical nutritional products, and they’ve crafted a Matrix-style compensation plan that’s intriguing. Plus, the use of personalized sales funnels is a clever twist, setting them apart from those focusing solely on digital offerings.

As such, the allure lies in the chance to earn commissions both from personal sales and team efforts. It’s like a two-fold reward system that encourages affiliates to actively build their downline and nurture relationships within the network. 

But, as with most things in life, it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Navigating through network marketing and meeting the demands of the affiliate program demands effective marketing strategies and relationship-building skills. So, before signing up, I highly recommend LiveGood but you must be doing your research and assessing your skills.

Remember – it’s a journey worth taking but be prepared to roll up your sleeves and invest time and energy.

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