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Introducing The Amazing Oracle:

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, has captured the attention of traders and investors around the world. Its volatile nature provides ample opportunities for profit, especially when combined with high leverage trading. In recent years, YouTube has emerged as a popular platform for traders to share their insights and strategies. This article reviews The Oracle on YouTube trading Bitcoin, Alt coins, and Stocks with high leverage, analyzing the potential benefits, risks, and considerations involved. By joining you will learn the O-Tech and Drill Down strategies to simplify every trade with bigger profits in less time.

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Overview of High Leverage Trading:

High leverage trading involves borrowing funds from an exchange to amplify one’s trading positions. It allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller capital outlay, potentially increasing their profit potential. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that while leverage magnifies gains, it also amplifies losses, making it a high-risk strategy. New traders must exercise caution and implement proper risk management techniques when engaging in leveraged trading. Learn a wallet building strategy from The Oracle called Core-Compounding. This will help you secure your profits!

Oracle Sees Future

The Oracle on YouTube Insights: Can He See The Future?

The Oracle on YouTube, a popular trading influencer, shares his perspective on trading Bitcoin with high leverage. After joining his Discord it didn’t take me long to wonder if The Oracle could see the future! Although he doesn’t give out calls in real-time, this is a learning skill he teaches not a signals group, he does tend to make some spot on predictions on many occasions. He also emphasizes the importance of having a deep understanding of a proper mindset, as there is risks associated with leverage, before diving into such trading strategies. Here are some key insights he provides:

  1. In-depth Market Analysis: The Oracle DOES NOT stress the significance of conducting thorough market analysis before executing any trades. He recommends examining Direction, Size of Candle, Time Frames and other Secrets(Only Given in Consultation) to identify potential trading opportunities. By understanding these dynamics, traders can make more informed decisions when using high leverage.
  2. Risk Management: Managing risk is paramount in high leverage trading. The Oracle advises traders on how to limit potential losses and protect their capital(Core Compounding). Additionally, he suggests employing proper position sizing techniques to ensure that losses on individual trades remain within acceptable limits. By implementing risk management strategies, traders can mitigate the inherent risks associated with high leverage trading.
  3. Adequate Capital: The Oracle emphasizes the need for traders to have sufficient capital when engaging in high leverage trading. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, having a robust capital base becomes crucial to withstand adverse market movements. Adequate capital provides a buffer against potential losses and helps traders avoid margin calls or liquidations.
  4. Continuous Learning: According to The Oracle, successful trading with high leverage requires ongoing learning and adaptation. The cryptocurrency market evolves rapidly, and traders need to stay updated with the latest trends, news, and technological advancements. Continuous education and learning from both successes and failures are vital to refine strategies and achieve consistent profitability.

High Leverage Bitcoin Benefits and Considerations:

high leverage trading bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin with high leverage offers several potential benefits, but it is essential to consider the associated risks:

Benefits Learning From The Oracle:

  1. Increased Profit Potential: High leverage allows traders to control larger positions, magnifying potential profits in volatile markets.
  2. Diversification: Leveraged trading provides opportunities to diversify trading strategies and explore different markets, including long and short positions.
  3. Accessibility: YouTube provides a platform for the Oracle and other experienced traders to share their insights, making trading strategies more accessible to aspiring traders worldwide.

Considerations The Oracle Might Express:

  1. High Volatility: While volatility can lead to significant gains, it also exposes traders to substantial losses, especially when using leverage. Proper risk management is crucial to navigate through volatile market conditions.
  2. Emotional Discipline: Trading with high leverage can be emotionally challenging. Traders must maintain discipline, control their emotions, and stick to their trading plans, even during times of heightened market turbulence.
  3. Market Manipulation: The cryptocurrency market is susceptible to manipulation, and leveraged trading can amplify the impact of such activities. Traders must exercise caution and be mindful of potential market manipulation risks.

My Personal Review As A Member Of The ‘Private’ War Room

I originally found The Oracle through his ultimately entertaining and very educational YouTube videos. I was actually looking for Forex trading information even though I had tried high leverage crypto in the past. I failed countless times and got liquidated plenty too. So I gave up that kind of trading and started learning Forex with TA(Technical Analysis). After 3 more years of losing more money and/or barely breaking even was driving me crazy. So when I saw what The Oracle was doing in just minutes WITHOUT TA, I knew instantly I had to learn from him. I mean he really does own 5 Lamborghini’s!

5 Lamborghini's

So I joined his Discord in early January of this year. I studied and watched everything he has to offer for free. My trades immediately were winning more often just starting with his basic approach that he shares in his free videos. Now having his Discord community to share with and learn from 24 hours a day is really a game changer for me. So much valuable information to continue my efforts until I become a Pro Crypto Trader! These are all the discussion channels in the Discord picture below.

Oracles Discord

After about three months of practicing with small amounts of money, I can afford to lose of course, I was still making some mistakes here and there. The Oracle was in the Discord chat offering his Consultation. I had to do it. Glad I did. He sits with you on a Zoom call for about an hour and shows you what he does to enter and exit trades. This Consultation is key to the secret sauce and you must make an appointment with Oracle! Without this you are basically guess trading.

Since my Consultation with The Oracle I can only say… Wow! It makes so much sense now. My only regret so far is not going for it sooner. Trading Forex with TA was a nightmare! It’s no wonder it has such a low survival rate, because it sucks! TA is wrong way too often to work for most traders. Learning the simplicity with Oracle’s O-Tech, Drill Down, and Core Compounding along with the support of the community on his Discord, I will never go back to TA ever! The Oracle’s way is so simple it’s kind of scary haha!

No Technical Analysis

I continue to get better with trading Bitcoin and now other Alt coins too. I am super grateful to be a part of this family of daily winning, money making, traders that are friendly and helpful. Oracle continues to amaze us all with how much he updates, makes videos, and supports us all to maximize our potential together. Truly inspiring seeing all the high leverage testimonial wins everyday while adding my own to the list as well. This has been a life-changing experience for me and the many others you will meet when you join, TeamUS. See you on the Inside!


Get a HUGE Discount if you mention my Discord name ‘Sublimedriver’ when you email The Oracle to Join!

Be sure to also add me to your friends in the Discord so if you ever want to thank me, haha just thank Oracle really, or want some help or just to say hi please feel free to. I love helping others and seeing them become successful so do let me know when you start winning and collecting daily profits too. I can’t wait to see you winning with us all in the private ‘War Room’ soon! Having this life-long skill that you can utilize from anywhere in the world. Its like choosing which beach you want to live on while watching the money come splashing to you from the shoreline. Aloha!

Beach Money Sunset


The Oracle has a huge passion for teaching others the power of his trading strategy with high leverage on the preferred trading platforms he uses. Even if you never learned to trade he can teach you too. He offers Lifetime Access To His Discord and the private trading War Room. You will have support from The Oracle and all his members(over 750) that have had the consultation. Live Zoom calls, Video Recaps and Consistent Updates are also included.

Trading Bitcoin with high leverage can be an enticing strategy for those seeking substantial gains in the cryptocurrency market. The Oracle on YouTube offers valuable insights into this approach, highlighting the Secrets of Winning Consistently is only offered in his 1-on-1 Consultation. Watch the video below and visit his website to find out the rest of the details…


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Just pulled off this trade today 7/25/2023

150x Bitcoin Short +333%

150x Bitcoin Short +333% Thanks Oracle!

Here is another big win from the other day, trading stocks too! 8/05/2023

50x Long 485% Amazon trade win

More wins from today I posted on my Facebook page.

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7 thoughts on “The Epic Oracle’s Professional Crypto Trading

  1. Thank you for coming up with a pro like the Oracle. As a start in crypto trading, one of my challenges is finding trusted trainers. There are a lot of folks on the internet claiming to teach crypto trading. But they are all misguided folks with little or no experience. I will follow the Oracle on YouTube and Discord as advice via your link.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is definitely a great thing to have a mentor or guide when trading crypto. The Oracle truly cares about helping his members succeed. He teaches a lifelong skill for a one time price that you can make back fast following his O-Tech strategy!

  2. Hey There! I was excited to check out your site because, coincidentally, I have just started looking into Crypto trading myself. It has always been a mystery to me and I am bewildered with the knowledge and mindset that comes behind a good trade pattern. Crypto investing can create huge returns if done correctly, so it’s nice to see that there is a reputable ‘teacher’ out there that will offer all he knows and is willing to contribute to others becoming wealthy. I’m definitely going to check out the Oracle! I also love to see that you include other things in your site like shifting your mindset and believing in yourself as an investment. Great way to make it all come together! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes it is good to have a good reputable teacher in this ecosystem for sure. There are a lot of phony bologna youtubers trying to get you to buy their garbage. I have tried plenty of trading communities too and so far Oracle’s has been the most positive and real experience yet. So many testimonials on his discord it’s absolutely amazing! If you join us don’t forget to add me on the discord, Sublimedriver. Aloha!

  3. This is a pretty informative site. I know literally nothing about Crypto trading but this site is enthusiastic and inspiring. I really like that you have your own personal reviews and experiences that you’re sharing with proven testimonials.

    There seems to be a lot of resources available for learning more and to continue to learn. 

    I like your section on motivation which can be important to keep people active and not give up.

    Good Job.

    1. Cheers I appreciate your comment. Crypto trading is a fun passive income to learn about. Just be careful because there are a lot of scams that come along with this marketplace. 

  4. This site is a great way to learn about crypto trading…excellent content that gives step-by-step and detailed instructions. It motivates to work harder and not to give up.

     As a woman, I’m more inclined to do other things online, but this can definitely be a good job.

    You already have my recommendation!
    I wish you all the best!

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