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Get Motivated

The most motivated person can be and feel unproductive and unmotivated. Sometimes even the idea of tying ones shoe seems like too much. The idea of creating a positive change can be too hard.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can begin down a path of positive outcomes with a few small steps. They can begin as very small steps…Just keep reading….

It may seem like there are no options. There is no energy left in you, or you can’t seem to get yourself to do much of anything. This is not just an exception for you. Many people feel this way. There are a few ways to break this cycle and we can show you a few examples. Do not be afraid to confront this stuck feeling you are experiencing. It can feel like there is no way to get out. There is hope.

When I stopped doing my exercise practice, I found that it was really challenging to begin again. Here are a few helpful pointers:

  • Make just One objective:

When I have had too many things to attend to I find that I can be in a slump. When I try to take care of too many things, it can take away my energy and it is close to impossible to try to take care of all these things at one time. If you are having a hard time keeping your focus, it is only natural that the issue will not be solved. If you pick one thing to do and do it well, then there is every chance in the world that you can accomplish that one goal! Often, that will set the ball rolling for other goals to become completed!

  • Become Inspired!

Look at others who accomplished your goal or something similar to what you are working to accomplish. If someone is already making it happen it can inspire you to accomplish amazing endeavors.

  • Get stoked!

You desire to get out of the yuck you are stuck in? Then get animated about it! This can begin by becoming inspired by people already doing it, and you can also choose to imagine that you have already succeeded in your endeavor…Then all you have to do is keep that energy going. Keep up the good work.

  • Anticipate an Amazing outcome:

You can build anticipation for the result and this will help in achieving this goal. My friend decided she wanted to quit eating sugar. She picked a date on her calendar three weeks into the future. She got to part with her sugar desires over a period of time, and her anticipation for her success did aid in her accomplishment of her goal! It is like rolling a ball down a hill. You are increasing your inertia for success! When we have something to look forward to, it is easy to get excited about it!

  • Make your goal evident: Make a poster of your goal and put it on your wall! Make it simple. Put it up at your job also. Put it all over the place! This will help with your anticipation aspect of achieving your goal. This will also assist you in staying focused; if it is on your mind it will stay present in your attention. You can also find a photo of the desired outcome. Let us say that you want to grow out your hair. Find a photo of a longhaired person to look at. Or if you want to lose weight, find a smaller bodied picture of a person. You would like to go to the Virgin Islands you say? Find a photo of that place to aid in your motivation towards accomplishing whatever it is going to take to get you there!
  • Make a public agreement to commit to your goal.

If you say something in front of other people, sometimes it makes it easier to not flake or back down when you have stated your goal in public. This will encourage you to hold yourself accountable for the achievement of the goal. Make sure you have to give people updates towards the movement of your accomplishing it! This is a great way to get you going! “I will update you on my progress next week!”

  • Ponder on this each day!

Each day you are working towards your goal. This will make it much more of an option for you to succeed. Send a note to yourself each day. Do one thing each day to get you closer to that goal. JUST ONE THING. It will be hard not to achieve it!

  • Do you have a cheerleading Squad?

Find a support system. It is often challenging to achieve things by ourselves. When I made up my mind to go back to college, it was essential to my success that I had support from my family and friends. Not only did they check in with me each week, but they also sent me pencils and snacks in the mail that made me smile! You can also ask for online support through blogging and the like.

  • There is a rise and fall to MOTIVATION:

There will be a rise and fall to your levels of motivation. It will not be a constant thing. It may dissipate for a moment, but it will return. Hold on, do not fret, it will return.


Just don’t quit. If you are not “feeling it” today, it is ok. Just don’t give up. This can be a long road you are on and it may take time to accomplish your goal. If there is a speed bump in the path, do not let it knock you off your bicycle, just keep on down the road. You will succeed.

  • You can start small.

This can be taken really literally. Let us say you want to become a concert pianist. You want to play in Carnegie Hall. At first you must learn to play. Start with just two minutes a day. This sounds ridiculous, but it will work. Start small and add on more and more. The idea is that the beginning steps are so basic you cannot fail and therefore can only succeed. Then you will add on to your success until you are putting on that suit and getting ready to perform your dream! Build upon the baby steps till you are accomplishing that goal! After a few short weeks you will find you are getting closer and closer to your goal. The steps will add up. TRUST IT>

  • Read to inspire:

If you are loosing umph for your goal, you can read about it. See that others are doing it too, and allow yourself to become invigorated by this! This will help with the motivation.

  • Call for support when your energy wanes:

Request help. Call us. Join an online forum. Get a friend to help you. It doesn’t really matter who you ask for help from, just do it. Reach out. It helps!

  • Think and stay focused on the good points not the hard parts:

When we focus on how challenging something may be, it can create issues for us. Just contemplating it can exhaust a person. Why don’t you try thinking about what you will achieve when you have completed your goal. What will a college degree bring you? What will being able to fit into your favorite pants do for you? This will bring you added energy and motivation to continue down that road to your success!

  • Crush those nagging negatives> Put Positive in Place:

So here we bring up a good point. You must watch how you think. Witness your negative self-talk, which is the root to your being “stuck”. Crush the negative thought! Replace with a positive one! Do you hear yourself saying ”I can’t lose weight, or accomplish (fill in the blank)” Instead, say to yourself,” I CAN. If my sister can do it, then so can I.” This may sound very cheesy to you, but it can produce positive results. It really can! It is all a matter of changing those thoughts that limit you from your own moving forward.

  • We hope all this can help you get out of your slump. It may not seem easy and probably to be honest may not be, but the results are well worth the effort you may have to invest in. It may also surprise you how easy it will become once you do the first step. BEGIN. So give yourself a chance and give it a try. You may be surprised at how you can accomplish great things.

Even the smallest successes being with one single step! First you must start. Remember there are people in your life to help you and if you don’t have any, you can find support online. Take a change on your life. Take a deep breath and jump in!


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