Confidence Equals Success

Confidence: Defined as the feeling or belief that one can rely or depend on someone or something, a firm trust. It has been noted that confident people don’t go unnoticed. Facing head on fears, they can often be found to be risk takers as well. Nothing can stop them at all.


This is the key to success, I believe. This can often be attributed to the positive outlook that most confident and successful people carry. Do not fear if you happen to be one of these people that might not carry a lot of confidence or you happen to have low self-esteem.

Confidence can be learned, practiced and mastered!


  • Stay away or even avoid negative persons.
  • Change the way you present yourself
  • Don’t accept anything but success, and change your self-talk.
  • Prepare

The first statement is quite clear, but may be hard to see if you can’t understand the signs. How do you feel when you leave a person? Are you left feeling lifted, or depressed ..even confused? It is always best to stick with those that lift you up!

If you decide that it is time to change something about yourself, it is probably past the time.. Go ahead.. Laugh at yourself.  It is always better to look on the lighter side of things. Sit a little taller, look people in the eye, speak with clear words and don’t be afraid to try something new. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone has quite often proved to be beneficial!

If failure is a dear friend to you, time to meet someone new! Success can be scary at first, but failure is worse! Failure to try is the worst kind! If you persevere to success, it is true what they say, the sky is the limit!

laugh with life

Talk Confidence To Yourself

If you talk to yourself like you are your own worst enemy, this is the time to change this as well!

It is now time to talk to yourself like your very own best friend or even your children if it is at that point! I hear myself telling myself some negative talk the other day and I literally stopped myself and said ..”Its ok, you will learn to do better..”

Self Love Means Self Confidence

Self-love can be a path to stronger confidence. Do tasks that make you love yourself more..How can I improve upon myself as a human?

Learn everything under the sun you can about the field of study you are in and/or the things that interest you. Confidence often is birthed from the knowledge one carries.

It is also fun and often surprising to take account of one’s accomplishments. Sit down and write yourself a good ole’ list of the things you are happy about in your life. Post this awesome list around your workplace or place of residence. Your opinion and outlook on yourself is bound to change!

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can, be, have or do!” Brian Tracy

This man has a very good point here when discussing confidence. It is said that one can fake it until one makes it. Let us all be clear, some of us struggle from such low self-esteem that it is hard to hold a job or even good friendships.

empower yourself

Others Influence Your Confidence

One may experience anxiety or frustration in trying to be something they do not understand ..Take heed

….Remember…when you were very little? You had the whole world at your feet.. It was only just recently that people started telling you, you were fat, slow, or ugly.  If you have carried these insults for years it may be hard to shake them but take note. These five steps here above are the beginnings to a new you!

Don’t forget,  “it all starts with your thoughts.” Confidence can come from the power to manifestation, where the idea is that what you think you create!

So watch carefully where you go when you think, talk to yourself either inside or out loud, and who you choose to spend time with and what those activities are. This will all affect your positive outcomes and your confidence!

There are people all over the place who have struggled from doubting themselves. Confidence is something some of us have and loose as we get older, and some are born with it. I believe that most of  it is something that we learn about ourselves in different stages of our lives thru trial and tribulation, struggle and heartache!

never give up

Key To Confidence: Never Give Up!

The point is DON’T GIVE UP. We can unlearn and relearn things daily. Do not hold back on learning new ways of being loving to yourself and others   The world needs people who are clear, honest, kind and full of light…Confident people shed this!!!

It can also be seen like a hill one is rolling down. With the added inertia of confidence on your side you will continue to roll to success at the top. Don’t fret, it’s always darkest before the dawn!

So in conclusion, lets re-discuss what we have highlighted here today.

There are a few things we can do to increase and improve our confidence in daily life.

Look your fears in the eye. Tell those dark nasty soul suckers to leave and replace with a smile even if it feels odd at first.

Learn how to stay to yourself, “Self, if I don’t know how to do something , I will step forward into knowledge as to present myself with more confidence in action!”

We are only mere products of our environments, friends, influences and choices. Let us make good ones that lead us on a path to a brighter tomorrow.

Do not fear that which you do not know, Hold your head a little taller smile just a little brighter and think and create good thoughts and feelings in your mind… Watch the results blossom….

Then enjoy the results of your hard earned new found confidence!

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