Fear of Failure

Conquering the Fear of Failure To Achieve Success

Fear of Failure

In order to succeed, one must find a way to attack their own fears. For those people who have learned to succeed, they have seen and used failure as merely baby step to success. It is just one thing to overcome. The real failure is failing to TRY. When a person doesn’t take a single step, how can you get any closer to your goal?

What does it take to succeed? This is one reason why people fail. They may not truly know what it takes to win! How many success stories are born from failure? The answer: quite a few! Do we consider failure as a part of success? How would we know how to compare our success if we didn’t realize our failures? It is true, it can take a lot of work to find success.

How many of us have had unrealistic expectations and often quit with just one try? If we don’t succeed at try number one, we often conclude that there is no success there. Is that realistic? How many times did we have to try as babies to walk, swim or ride a bike? If we had stopped at our first failure, we would have never walked at all! The fear of failure or rejection often leads some of us into not even trying at all. This is true failure. Failure is part of the process to learning how to win! Many great successful people have had to try and try again in order to soar!

There is an idea that it takes 10,000 hours of perseverance to achieve success. This is some true time spent on a project or program. This will include many times of not succeeding, yet if you continue you have the chance to succeed.

Are you perfect? Who is? People may be afraid of failure because they think they have to be perfect. If we make a mistake others will see this and we will appear like a fool. Which most people do not want to be seen this way. There is not a single space for failure in perfectionism. If a person can not do a task in a perfect manner, some will choose to not even try. You will be missing out on a learning opportunity though if this is the way you choose to operate.

How does one conquer this fear of failure?

  1. Failure will happen

We are all human and therefore flawed. We all make mistakes. We have all fallen down when we first tried to roller skate. Yet, we got up and still tried again and maybe again and even again!

  1. Don’t take your failure personally.

This failure can be seen and actualized as a step in your success. Learn from this hiccup. Apply this information to your current our future experiences. It is not an option that your failure defines you. It doesn’t . It is not a weakness, but a learning step. If you swallow your failure and take it personally, it will only keep you from winning in the future.

  1. Realize that not everyone is successful at all times. You have no chance of success if you do not try!
  2. Failure has created many successful experiences. Take Beethoven for example. Many said he was hopeless as a composer. Look at all the amazing beautiful music he created. What if he had taken those peoples words and stopped writing. We would lack all the wonderful music he made.
  3. Appreciate and accept the wonders of failure. This is the door way to your success. When you see where you fall short, you can only improve the situation. Failure can show us where we need to improve. This is actually quite a gift if you choose to look at it that way!
  4. If you are thinking you will succeed the first time you try you would be very lucky. So in other words, if you try and try again you have more of a chance of succeeding! You will only continue to become more equipped and better at the given experience the more you try.
  5. And last but not least…..you must believe in your own power to succeed!

It will not do you any good to give up on the first try or even the fifth! Find a resolution or ask for help. Know that you do have what it takes to be successful and know that it takes effort and energy to overcome your hurdles. Remember how many successes were born from failure and continue… try and try and try again. If you do not give up you have a chance!

What do you get when you overcome this fear of failure?

  • You are building irreplaceable knowledge and experience
  • Your focus and your courage and strength of character can only improve
  • Your ability to be a creative problem solver is increasing as well
  • You can re-chart your course if your past path or current path is not working
  • Your mind has the opportunity to be open instead of closed, and your elasticity to change is increased.
  • Watch your self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence soar!

Failure is a road that we travel down that can ultimately lead us to our greatest desires and our requested outcomes. With continued energy towards success, there really is no other option for achieving that which we are working towards!

So, I would like to recap this whole article by stating that a failure can be looked at like a gift. It can show us where we need to improve in our lives and does not define who we are. It does not say we are a bad person because we couldn’t do something perfect at the first try. We can embrace our failures as messages on how to change our current circumstance to do something different with our time and energy. A failure can really lead us to success if we choose to use that perspective!

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