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Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

How does one take a leap of faith out into the unknown? To some this is a death sentence. Not being able to plan the future with the current budget I make, or have a backup plan in sight with a firm foundation to stand on, how could one proceed with logic into the future?

Without a little bit of HOPE?

ideas creativity

I am sitting here contemplating the idea that I have the option to quit my nine to five job. How is it possible that six months ago I was locked into the notion that I needed this job to survive?! This job that goes against my values, morals or even beliefs… Just to keep this roof over my head and food in my stomach?!. It would be wonderful if I was thriving at this workplace, adding to the abundant beauty that is life, but why would I waste time and continue along a path that truly did not satisfy or revivify me or my surroundings?  The answer for many, is as I have mentioned above…..to keep stability. Is that LIFE? LIVING?

How many days and nights need to pass away that I can literally FEEL like I am not living my dream? To be authentic, to live a life imagined, to live from my overflowing heart, well… Now that sounds like time well spent!

The idea that I might be able to do something different with my time and energy never occurred to me until NOW.


peaceful living

It is very challenging to spend most of one’s life pursuing the dreams of one’s PARENTS, sisters, teachers, friends… to be that angel to your PEERS and even kind to your adversaries. It is hard to remain in a state of peace when most around me are rushing to pursue the American Dream… be that… whatever that might mean to you… I think I am finding it is definitely different for me.

The pursuit of personal happiness and fulfilling LIFE is a definition that is UNIQUE to each and every one of us, but it seems that in SOCIETY we have been taught, even trained to discriminate and judge each other based on how far you have come in this American Dream GOAL.

So… My point here is… quit that which does not serve you. By serve I define: Live the life you have always dreamed of, this idea is the one that is worth pursuing. To think one person can map out one’s lifetime with achieved goals and admiration’s, is admirable. I am one of many that has worked hard and long trying to do this for decades. It does not mean that this ideal does not work for some. It has. My point is if you desire a different life, one that makes you ignited and excited to wake in the morning… jump outta that bed… AND YELL… ”OH GOD I’M ALIVE!” Please take this humble invitation to assess your daily mood and thoughts.

If one gave oneself the opportunity to allow one to think outside the box… Even if it is just for a moment… it might be possible to create or RE-CREATE the life you have always imagined.

The idea is known as THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and it has been shown through many examples that the thoughts you think Can and Do create your reality.  Take, for a moment, my friend, who wakes in the morning saying, “ I HATE MY LIFE!” That statement alone has put out an idea, an idea of a thought of negativity… it has even been a spoken word out into the universe literally creating a bad morning with the introduction of one spoken thought. This action has already put a hue over the morning this person will create.

If you can arise with the idea that life is a constant process that we are always adapting and HOPEFULLY adjusting, to life and its circumstance, one has a little more power in their own creation process.

This does not mean, however, that just because one might wake up positive with butterflies and rainbows on one’s mind, that the day will proceed into a beautiful one.

It is important to note, that WE are the creators of our own destiny! This is not bull shit, but we are not always in control of how it will play out… that is why the Law of Attraction is such a beautiful tool for re-creating one’s life into the life imagined…

Manifest Your Heart’s Desire!

manifest from heart

Have you seen those folks that look like they have the answer? That special glint in their eye that says maybe they know something you don’t? They seem to walk a little lighter than you, smile a little wider.

How did I get here you might ask? Into the idea that I might be able to create my life imagined?  BY QUITTING MY NINE TO FIVE! That means letting go of all that does not make you WANT to live. Yes there are obligations in life, but with a little thought and planning one can cut oneself clean of the non-serving ideas and actions that lead one down a path of not loving and satisfying one’s heart.

Well here you go. Major ANSWER HERE

The law of attraction and quit your day job Tie to together so beautifully it is almost meant to be. If you request or yearn for more than what you have in front of you, please take note. NOW IS THE TIME TO re-train your subconscious mind.

This Is A REAL process. It is a process for a framework of steps one can take to recreate ones life. It all begins with the subconscious and becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings, we THINK FIRST then most often PLAY OUT in our daily lives.

Imagine if you gave yourself the to chance to say “my life is changing beautifully in every way.” Each day you woke… it will work no doubt about it, just the shift in words spoken alone, will create a positive vibrational shift in your home.

Now… for the action steps!

This is a process that will be different for each of us, due to the sheer honesty that we all crave different dreams. It is true that we might all have the same basics needs, but the truth is it is doable to take baby steps and even major shifts in day to day life to truly live.

Please take time for personal reflection and give yourself the chance to truly write out a plan or jump into faith and positive pro-action to create your life imagined.

Retraining The Subconscious Mind:

For the purpose of the rest of this article, here is the word subconscious defined:
sub’con’scious/ adjective
1: of, or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings.   (my subconscious fear…)
synonyms:  unconscious, latent, suppressed, repressed, subliminal, dormant, underlying, innermost,informal, bottled up.  (subconscious desires)
2:  noun: the subconscious part of the mind (not in technical use in psychoanalysis, where unconscious is preferred).
synonyms: (unconscious) mind, imagination, inner(most) self, psyche, “the creative powers of the subconscious”

Subconscious Mind

The idea of teaching the subconscious may seem foreign to some of us. It is very much the same as learning a new task. Do you recall when we were children, we learned many new things over a timeline. For instance, when I learned to ride a bicycle, I started out slow. I tried to push my feet on those pedals, until i went down the road. it is very similar with the subconscious. We must go glow, and practice. Human beings learn by physically or mentally doing, by repetition, by practicing over and over again. This is the same with the subconscious mind. That which we tell it over and over again we will believe and come to find will be created as truth in our lives. What we tell ourselves in our minds , repeatedly we WILL create! This is really quite simple and profound in its own right.

Take another example we may all be able to relate to. The action of reciting words out loud. Do you feel wonderful when you are surrounded by positive people? When you hear them say words like, “We can do it?” This is an ACTION. The action of speaking out loud is being shown here. people are creating their realities by the repeated words we say and do! Therefore, it makes very clear sense to me that one may be able to recreate his or her life by retraining what we tell ourselves over and over again . This happens in the mind and out of the mouth! We are practicing here.  When i say to myself, “You can’t do it,” I am telling myself it is not possible, and thus, creating it not to be so.

The KEY here is… watch and listen… to what you are telling yourself.  Are you opening new doorways to new information and activities? Are you giving yourself a chance to try something new? Are you giving yourself a new way of talking to yourself? Or even of thinking to yourself? Some people put no weight in the power of the subconscious.  This is futile.  We are the creators of our own destiny.  I KNOW that this is the underlying movement that creates what will be presented in the material realm. Watch and listen to what you tell yourself.

Make these statements you practice beautiful ones… May your life reflect this! Thoughts are things, so get busy creating the life you have imagined. Practice good thoughts! You will see profound changes!

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