Opportunity Within The Law Of Attraction

Integrating Spirituality into form with the Law of Attraction

As we live here on this earth, we will always have the opportunity to learn and keep learning. We will always have the chance to increase our knowledge about the Law of Attraction. The Secret is a wonderful movie that encourages and mentions these Law ideas and gives you the chance to look at them for yourself. The Law of Attraction does extend above and beyond what the movie mentions, but it is wonderful that this movie touched mass media so that people can have their eyes opened to the idea that this is REAL. For so long we were taught this isn’t a true concept. It is and is physically evident in the lives of my friends and my own life as well! Give it a try. Go outside into the world with a bad attitude and a grimace and see what you create. Rethink, refresh and try the opposite. Which outcome do you prefer?

Law Of Attraction Energy

Haven’t you seen someone yawn when they are by you, and then you happen to yawn? This is similar to what we can create on a vibrational level. When you feel, think happy thoughts you will generate a vibration. This is contagious. Like when someone is laughing by you, and you happen to start laughing also. This is another good example of the idea that what we think, do and feel will affect all of us around each other. There is no avoiding this. It is a natural law and we call it The Law of Attraction!

Living your joy and passion is a real option for all of us. Did you read that last sentence? Will you give yourself this opportunity? This is a real choice you have presented in front of you. Our parents and grandparents may not be aware of this, or they may. This has always been a choice!

Create Opportunity

When using the proposed concepts that the Law of Attraction introduces, this is an opportunity for each one of us. The integration of these ideas and ideals is best when it touches our daily lives, i.e. our behaviors, actions, words we choose to say, thoughts we think and so on and so forth. Anything and everything is possible. When a person comprehends what this Law has to offer, a person can live in an effective manner with intention and integrity. Where you place your attention, is where you will see the effects of your life materialize. If you are worried, this will manifest… What you think about will strengthen your feelings and in turn will set the ball rolling for this to be created. Where you put your attention will manifest into your reality.

If you think about what you do not like in your life you are feeding those thoughts and feelings. It will manifest. The opposite is also true. If you choose to focus on what you do want, you will be painting your masterpiece of a beautiful life. You will attract anything, so make it great things, thoughts and actions that you request! It may seem daunting and unreasonable, when a lot of our realities is based on logic and seeing things with our own eyes before we can believe it, but trust me and the law of attraction. This is real!

Be mindful when you are deciding what to think about. This will create your life, or maybe I should say will definitely create a clear picture of your life. Your life is the direct appearance of what you have chosen to think on. Your energy will create what you think of. Have you heard a friend or acquaintance say something like, “ I will never succeed at Blah blah…fill in the blank.. Well, here we have a direct example of what is being created. A negative outcome can only result from such a perspective with these ideas and feelings expressed. So to flip the idea around and think, feel and create good thoughts and actions will result in good outcomes. It is proven and is shown in daily life.

What you want to create will become real. Keep up a positive outlook with passion and perseverance. When you are balanced and aligned there is no limit to what you may be able to create! When you think of something that makes your soul rejoice, this will create a vibration… You will be in harmony. This is the beginning to creating what you desire and manifesting what will bring you your desired result!

It is clear when a person is in the mode of creating the good stuff. You will feel lit up, excited, turned on…There is a vibration that matches with this energy and your confidence will create an attraction for the Law of Attraction to do it’s work. When you are exhibiting this joy and bliss with focus you can create what you wish! When this ball starts to roll on a vibrational level the next step in the process is that it will manifest in physical form. This is possible. It can be seen and exists!

The amazing force that exists within us is strong. There is a smaller replication of it within us than that that comes from a greater source. There is amazing potential in each of our hearts and we can make amazing things happen. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities and opportunities available to you and the rest of the world. We will create our futures and the only way to change the outside world is to alter ourselves baby step by baby step. When we do this, the outside world will benefit. Be bold, be courageous. Make the changes in yourself. This is possible. Manifest your deepest desires into this present world.

Manifest Dreams

Have a clear picture of what you want to manifest and your dreams can be achieved. Believe, take action and be aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Create a MASTERPIECE of a life! It is all up to you and the vibration you create as well as the actions, thoughts and feelings you exhibit! Choose wisely and make it great! Carpe Diem!

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