Jump Out of The Rat Race – How to Quit The 9 to 5

You can quit your day job. Here is how!!

Quit the rat race lifestyle!.

Can you envision opening your eyes on a Monday morning with the freedom of deciding how you get to experience your day, particularly between nine to five?

What about having the freedom to take Tuesday off to go hiking or whatever you choose? Does it not sound just perfect to work from your laptop for a couple hours a day sitting at the beach, or the most relaxing place of your own choosing?

Do you ask yourself if this is possible, or does it seem you have to work, work, work until your day comes that you “get to” retire! Do only millionaires get to experience this freedom?

You might want to rethink this programming! I have debt, no savings and I am not a trust fund kid! I relied solely on the nine to five job to cover my expenses. Letting go of my job seemed not only irresponsible but not an option.

I Found a Way to Quit My Job

After very little time, I could let go of the nine to five gig and step into the work of being self-employed and work whenever I wanted. It was not because I thought of a get rich quick scheme, or invented some ingenious product, and I also did not win the lottery or get an inheritance from family.

What did I do? I decided to rethink how I was thinking about work and income as I was getting a clearer picture about what drives me and what I am passionate about. This is not a secret, and anyone has the chance to do such a thing as this!

Give yourself the chance to consider that the job you do during the day does not have to keep you stuck in it like you may have been convinced to think it has! It may seem scary to “think outside the box” but know that some of the greatest achievers and accomplished folks have given themselves just this opportunity!

How Can You Quit Your 9 to 5?

In order to do such a thing, you do not have to be ready in a financial setting. Actually, it all has to do with is your ability to think you are capable of doing this and you can!

Many folks don’t even try because they think they can’t. How many people do you know that allow fear to limit them in so many ways? I am now encouraging you to give yourself just a little bit of breathing room around this subject! Just give yourself five minutes, even two with a pen and paper to just dream it up for just a moment! Have you heard that it can be said that money can be a reason to hide behind your bills! Open to doors of possibility…….

Will you give yourself the chance to let go of these ideas and step out into a different place where freedom and passion drive you and you set your own schedule? It is possible. I have even done it myself! Get familiar with the subjects and ideas on this website and we will gladly help you change the way you think to become who you always dreamed of becoming.

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2 thoughts on “Jump Out of The Rat Race – How to Quit The 9 to 5

  1. It certainly is a truth. You can’t change your circumstance until you’ve changed your mind.

    The biggest barrier to climbing out of the box, as you say, is all of the benefits that accrue by staying inside it. It’s only when you focus on how unsatisfactory being inside of the box really is that you can start to make a change.

    Focusing on how you’re feeling, on what you really want and what you value in your life is a great first step.

    1. Absolutely! You definitely got a good idea of what it’s all about. To make significant changes in your life you have to make serious changes to how you think. Glad you understand how this works Netta and I am sure you will be successful with this way of thinking.


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