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What About The Law Of Attraction

Law of attraction:

The Law of Attraction is a current topic of conversation and has been for a little while in the mainstream as well as the metaphysical community. Although this Law is one that has been around since the beginning of time, it is just of recent that we have begun to truly delve into what it means. It is known as a law that can guide us, if you choose to let it. The universe operates on vibration and this law is a part of this. When we are born we possess this language. We can utilize this law to form our reality. How is this done?

For human beings, vibration and more importantly emotional vibration is the terminology of the universe. This is a creative and precise language. This Law resonates with the fabric of the universe. It is a mirror for what we are exhibiting. If we are creating and feeling fear, we will experience this. And in turn, the opposite is true. When we are operating from a state of love that is what will be returned.

Ripple Effect

Have you ever dropped a pebble into a pool of water and watched the ripples as they circle outward? This is how vibration operates. How about putting a small amount of sand on top of a speaker and watched as the music vibrates out of the speaker. How does it affect the sand? It will depend on what kind of vibration the music is exhibiting. For peaceful sounds you will see one vibration, and for not so peaceful music you will see another. Or one more example, how about when you hear a song that moves you to tears or elation? This is yet another chance for you to see the vibration of energy in effect.

There were also studies done by a Mr. Masaru Emoto on the effects of intentional vibration on water molecules. When you scream at water, there are formations that even look ugly. When you are putting love into the water, it makes what looks like a beautiful snowflake. This is a good example of the effects of your intentions and vibrations on a substance. The same is true for your life!

This Law matches the vibration of the emotion we are exhibiting and gives us more of the same. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we are in touch with our emotions. These emotions describe and imbibe what place we are at.

If you are looking to have a different life, you must alter who you are currently. My very good friend and teacher used to say to me, “You change your shoes, you change your life.” This is some of the best advice I have ever received. It is clear to me that this may sound trivial, but it is also evident that it is true. You are physically changing something. Don’t you feel different when you put on running shoes vs. flip flops? These are two very different shoes for different purposes. The point being that you change something about the situation and you will receive a different outcome.

You must exhibit and exemplify the person you desire to be to enable the Law of Attraction to work. Stated in another way, if you always do what you always have done, there will be no difference in outcome. You will always get what you have always got! In order to experience a different situation and another side of yourself, you will have to have the strength and bravery to alter yourself to make those changes to get to a different place where your life can become something different in the future.

Let me give you an example, if you desire to become rich, you will have to cultivate a new mindset about money. When you have this perspective, of being rich, you have the ability to attract the vibration of the abundance of money, like a rich person does. Does this make sense to you? The resonance of your vibration that your mind is creating will also resonate with the SOURCE ENERGY and will designate how much wealth you can bring into your life. This is true for romance, financial success, and all future endeavors you could ever wish for or desire!

You can create financial success with this Law! Do you want to alter and affect your future for the better? You can begin by making changes in your current thinking processes. You will really have to desire this alteration. Changing your mind is the first step, and then you shall start to see that your life and circumstances will alter to accommodate those desires. “ BE the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi.

As Neil Young has sang in the past, “Change your mind….” He is referring to this very truth, the Law of Attraction! As your mind frame expands you will see your life change as your mind opens and requires an outcome. Your subconscious mind is paying attention, and will proceed to operate accordingly. Your subconscious is working on your requested creation. When you have reset and you tell your subconscious a different story by repetition of your intention and true authentic emotion, you will begin to attract that which you truly want.

Have you ever watched a friend say to themselves, “I can’t do it, or I’m not good enough, or I don’t have enough money, I’ll never have this…(and the list goes on)?” This could be clear to us at this point, but this statement here is just reaffirming with the subconscious mind and ripples out into the universe on a more vibrational level that can definitely be felt, if not seen almost, this persons truth and what they think, feel and are co-creating with the universe. It may seem insignificant or just words, but this is often backed with strong feelings and personal beliefs that do hold power.

Have you heard the statement, “fake it til you make it?” Well, this statement can also be applied here. If we are uncertain, that is the vibration that will be duplicated. If you choose to walk in assurance even if you are not quite sure, you are telling the universe what you desire. The Law of Attraction is like a large ear. It will listen and respond to what you tell it.

I have another friend that is actualizing this Law of Attraction into action! He keeps telling me he will be a millionaire by the end of next year. Some might guffaw at this statement. He is actualizing his desire and want. Not only does he tell himself this will happen, but he is taking steps to make it be that way. This is the Law of Attraction in ACTION.

One last thought, for those of us who enjoy the musical Peter Pan….there is a time when his loved Tinkerbell is going to die, and it is requested of the audience that they say ..”I believe in fairies..” This will make her survive. But the audience has to believe in order for this to be true. Sounds very trivial, but this is yet another example of this Law playing out in the world. If you truly believe in something it will be true for you. This works in both directions. So be careful when you are talking to yourself and your subconscious. Be very mindful of what you are telling yourself. Are you saying life affirming, powerful, strong statements, or are you reaffirming your doubts weaknesses and fears….

Choose to co-create with yourself and the universe and make a masterpiece of your beautiful life!


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