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How To Quit The Day Job

Danielle TateDanielle Tate, 35, founder of Miss Now Mrs. and author of Elegant Entrepreneur

The reasons she quit her day job: “I left a six-figure salary and company-issued Land Rover because I craved the freedom to create my own definition of success, the power to have my own ideas and make them happen,” she says.

She is one of many. First let me ask you this: Is it time for you to go to your dreaded job you can’t stand to show up for? Do you have obligations and commitments you are tied to and you believe that this single job is the answer to keeping those commitments? Did you press snooze? More than once? It might be time to quit your day job.

No really, I am here to show you living proof that one does not have to stick with a dreaded job and a life they can’t stand to show up for! It is often terrifying for most of us to think that change in an uncomfortable manner might be a good thing. To think that to challenge oneself to think and even act outside of the box could be a good idea is a stretch for most of us.

Think Outside The Box

Consider this: We have been taught that we must stick within a certain regime. We have been taught to color between the lines.  We have been taught that staying in those lines is a good thing.

I am just asking, for a moment, that you might consider a different alternative.

We often, as considerate humans, try not to rock the boat, try not to cause a stir, especially in the workplace! What if we are truly living a lie and all that it takes is a little planning, some thinking outside the box, and maybe even a major life change!!!

One may think,  ”I don’t want to upset my boss, or wife,”“What happens if my whole life gets worse? “………… this is not anyone else’s life. This is flat out true! Who are you truly living for?

If you are of the planning nature, it is often best to create a savings account, and to have a backup plan in case the new idea doesn’t take to fruit.

Some risks are worth the reward. How will you know if you never give yourself the chance?

One must decide what is best for oneself!

 If you are under appreciated, as most of us are, or if you are so unhappy you can’t bear another day there, give this idea to quit on for a minute! Is there something that has been calling you? A desire to learn a new hobby? Maybe travel to a far away land? Well why not look into these ideas. Hell, you may even get a new career out of the journey!


What makes you want to wake up in the morning? What makes your heart sing? Even dive back into the days of old. What did you like as a child?

 Can’t hear it anymore?

Oh NO! Well now we know we have to do a little soul searching! Let us also discuss for the moment, one who perseveres doesn’t always win! Just because you stick to something to stick to it, doesn’t always mean that is what is right for you, or even what you need and should be doing if there is such a thing! As I stated earlier, I am a product of the idea that it is good to take risks. To jump out of the box the was made for me and soar.

I Am Still Working On Soaring

I will continue down this path because I have found it is what makes me happy to be alive. I wake up in the morning without an alarm! I want to get out of bed and see what the day holds! There is so much beauty waiting to be experienced it is hard for me to not appreciate life. I have even been told, I am one of those annoying people in the morning… Way too happy… I didn’t get that way by keeping my nine to five!

Rise and Shine

Yes, it is scary to jump from a familiar place to one of the unknown, many people spend their lives wondering and stay in a state of constant limbo, but it is the best way to grow and change into a healthier human being! One must first take a step before climbing a mountain…

It has been stated that the more stress you carry the less focus you have. Well, this made me think for a bit. It seems to me the people that stress the most want the most focus. What a puzzle, a beautiful way to learn to grow! Seems appropriate to let the stress go and the focus will flow!


There are many paths to happiness. My suggestion and the suggestion that comes from many empowered, successful people, is to give yourself a try. Try on a new self! So many people live in fear with what would could happen, of what might come. This may happen. The worst could come.

Some say that if you focus on that it is what you get. I believe this. So what your thoughts as you step into this idea of quitting your nine to five. Are you filling your day with stress and worry? Or are you giving yourself a chance to truly explore the options that are presented in front of you.

Give yourself a TRY

Life really is quite precious and amazing and worth giving a try. Many people never know the extent of what they are capable of because they do not try!

So if you have been considering such things as of late; go look outside, go look in your diary, go look in your saving account… Get to you know yourself and consider a different way of working at your life. Quit the nine to five! This may be the best thing you ever could do for yourself and those that love you.

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